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Welcome to the new improved Chav van. Here you be able to see the best female chavs giving in their all in the back of the Chav van. It is amazing how fit they can be and they are certainly up for it. Here you will be able to view the videos of the dirtiest ones out there.

Love them or hate them these really go for it. They are gagging and ready to be shafted all day everyday. These females don’t care. They want a good time and they are going to get it. Ok granted they are a bit thick and live in the gutter but they look dirty and always give it their all.

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Dirty chav

Find a female chav here looking to be banged. Meet and shag them tonight. Thousands of profiles to view and contact.

Chav sluts

Now it’s your chance to band a chav and give them a good hard seeing to. Just how they like it

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Gary from Essex says “Wow these chav birds on here really give it in the chav van. I recommend the dating site also on here as I have met some really dirty birds who are really wanting it. Sooo dirty lol.